Shining Light & Speaking Life into your pain

About Netty

Annette Phillip known to the public as Netty is a transformational "Speak Life"  coach, who resides in the DMV area. Netty is the visionary behind Women of Strength, an organization seeking to empower women to fulfill their God-given mandate and to courageously overcome setbacks and trials of life. Called specifically to young women, abused women, and single mothers, Netty helps women regain their value and build their confidence so they can find their voice in society. Over the years, she's mentored women from all walks of life and assisted them on their restoration journey from brokenness to wholeness. Netty passionately points people to Christ by emphasizing the need for a personal relationship with Jesus through intimacy. Annette also a co-hosts alongside her husband, their own radio show on AblazinRadio FM every Sunday. She serves in ministry with her loving husband Devaughn Phillip and their 5 beautiful children.  


“Everyone grieves in their own way and at their own pace."


What is Speak Life Coaching? I am a grief and loss coach. Many people don’t realize that they are experiencing grief, in which doesn’t assist with healing. To Speak Life is to affirm or re-affirm the importance and value of one’s life. By the grace of God, bringing those dead areas within you back to life. I am here to support you through any loss, whether it be through death or separation of any kind in life. Helping you deal with tough emotions as you go through the stages of grief. With compassion and understanding, I help bring you toward realization and acceptance. Preparing you to make a whole new vision for your future. 

What is Grief? Grief is the conflicting, yet normal and natural, feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior. The conflicting feelings is not only limited to death. Any impact of change or major loss of self, or even if it is a good change, it could still represent a loss. Getting married, is a happy occasion, but with that comes major life change. Just as much as getting a divorce is another. I am here to assist with that. Remember, everyone grieves in their own way and at their own pace. 

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Death, Divorce, Retirement, Relocation, Pet loss, Financial Change (increase or decrease in wealth), Loss of health, Legal Problems, Empty Nest, End of Addiction, Starting School, Breakup in Relationship(s), etc...

Loss of Trust, Loss of Safety, Loss of Control, Loss of Faith, Loss of Fertility...